Where to Find Saved Stories on Instagram

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where to find saved stories instagram

If you have ever wondered where to find saved stories on Instagram, you’re not alone. Instagram lets you save stories for future reference and even allows you to screen record content in your 24-hour active period. But you may wonder whether Instagram will notify you if you take a screenshot of its content. The answer to that question is no, and Instagram has changed its screenshot policy several times. As a result, you’ll have to use the ‘Search’ option to find saved stories.


If you’ve ever wondered where your saved stories are, you’re not alone. Instagram users have often been confused by this fact. While Stories are intended to be temporary, you can save your favorite Stories to view later. To do this, go to your Archive folder, select the Story, and tap the three vertical dots icon. Next, tap ‘Repost’ to share it with others. When sharing it with other users, don’t forget to tag them in your post!

Instagram users can also save their stories as Highlights on their profile, which remain public. But these stories can also be archived if you want to share them with friends and family, and if you don’t want them to be available to others, you can choose to permanently delete them from your profile. In addition to saving your stories to your archive, Instagram also archives all of your posts privately, but you can also turn this feature off and access them at any time by tapping the clock icon at the bottom right corner of your profile.


While Instagram Stories are a great way to capture momentous occasions, you may have missed some important parts of the story. Highlights allow you to store important content so that you can revisit it whenever you want. Highlights are saved to your profile and appear in their own section. Unlike regular Stories, they are saved indefinitely and remain visible until you delete them. Highlights are also an excellent way to save content for future viewing.

Highlights are curated stories, which you can add to, delete, and edit. You can also add covers to your highlights! You can choose from the included covers or upload your own. Once you have saved your stories, you can edit and delete them as desired. Highlights will remain in your profile, but your saved stories will remain in your Stories Archive. You can also change their names and captions by going to your profile and deleting them.


If you want to promote a story on Instagram, you can repost it using the Repost feature. Reposting is a very easy process, and you can do it within seconds. But you need to be sure you get the permission from the original poster, as reposting a story on Instagram will require them to give you permission first. Otherwise, you’ll just end up with an empty Story feed. To repost a story on Instagram, follow the steps below.

Open the app and tap on the Story tab. From the Stories tab, tap the camera icon to go to your Story section. Tap the square card in the bottom-left corner. Choose the Story and pinch to resize it if necessary. Once it is resized, you can repost it in its original size. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to the original story creator’s account page.


If you are wondering how to download saved stories from Instagram, there are a few ways you can do so. Firstly, you can go to the home screen of the app and swipe through all your stories. From here, you can choose individual stories and click the Download button to download them to your computer. If you are on an Android device, you can also use the same procedure. You must remember to select all the saved stories you want to save before deleting them.

After you’ve saved your stories on Instagram, you’ll want to make sure you do not share them without the owner’s permission. Sharing other people’s stories without their permission is unethical and against the Instagram Community Guidelines. You can, however, download a saved story if it contains a highlighted photo or video. This process is easy and should only take a few seconds. After you’ve done this, you can share the saved story with your friends and family.

Taking screenshots

Taking screenshots of saved stories on Instagram can be done for several legitimate reasons. In the past, you could use screenshots to remind yourself of important information. But now that Instagram tracks screenshots, you may want to avoid doing so. Here are some tips for protecting your account. Taking screenshots of Instagram stories should be done only after 48 hours. This way, your story won’t be seen by everyone.

If you screenshot a story, Instagram will notify you that someone else has done so. Taking screenshots of Instagram posts will also add a hatched icon to the photo that will disappear from the feed. Instagram also adds a note in DM chats, which says, “screenshot taken.” This is a helpful feature if you regularly see compelling content or ads on the site. But you need to be aware of possible consequences of screenshotting saved stories.

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