23 Strategies to Enhance Engagement on Instagram by 2021

23 Strategies to Enhance Engagement on Instagram by 2021 post thumbnail image

At the moment, Instagram remains the sweetheart of the social media world for marketers. It’s easy to understand why, as 13% of all people on Earth is using it and over 80% are following brands.

According to Oberlo the engagement rate — measured through shares, likes and comments from users are also beyond the norm, boasting a an average of 4.21 percent. This is 10 times more than Facebook and 54 times greater than Pinterest and 84 times more than Twitter.

Alongside these stunning numbers, there are challenges developing that indicate that the potential of Instagram’s marketing fading because of its lower engagement rate and the competition from other new players like TikTok.

In this context active marketers are looking for ways to boost Instagram engagement, despite some challenges. We’ve created these 23 strategies to ensure that your organic and paid marketing campaigns are hitting their target, as well as to ensure the safety of your Instagram marketing strategies now and in the near future. Let’s take a look.

  1. Post regularly.

Brands must be active to draw followers and increase engagement rates. But how are they

According to research according to studies, the best frequency is consistent posting 1-2 times every day. So that your feed is up-to-date and relevant and you’ll are more likely to draw viewers to your posts. Deciding when is the most appropriate time to publish on Instagram is essential particularly in relation to the algorithmic timeline of Instagram.

The recommended post time can differ dramatically based on the expert you consult. With some recommending 8 AM-9 am or 2 PM five pm for the initial post, and even 5 am for your subsequent post and third post, this discrepancy can cause real confusion for the content planners.

Take a look for yourself in FashionNova or National Geographic. FashionNova is a leading online retailer of fashion, posts 30 times a every day. That’s roughly 30 minutes of posts per hour! This may sound like excessive however, the brand’s 17.3M followers don’t believe that. With this many followers, there is a rate of engagement that’s 0.07 percent.

The posting of up to 30 times every day, Fashion Nova has made sure that those who are interested in Fashion Nova see at the very least a handful fashion Nova’s content each day. | Source: Instagram/FashionNova

National Geographic, on the contrary, uses an approach that is more traditional The brand’s posts are 7 to 7 times a each day. With 135 million followers and an participation rate of 0.24 percent is an impressive achievement.

The lesson? Two brands that have been extremely successful with two distinct strategies.

So, there’s not a magical solution to the optimal timing or quantity of posts to make on Instagram.

The best thing to do is to discover your users’ Instagram habits by using the Insights feature on the Instagram Business or Creator account.

This allows you to determine when your followers are the most active and lets you schedule your posts accordingly, ensuring that your posts will continue to be on top of the feeds of your followers.

Utilize Instagram’s native analytics tools to find out what hours as well as days when your users are active, and much more.

To give you a hand, you can use an application like Falcon’s Instagram Publishing and Measurement to improve your strategy for delivering content further.

  1. Do not preach, share stories instead.

Instagram is littered with poor branding messages that overlook the fact that the purpose of Instagram to be a ‘visual-inspiration platform’.

Your goal is to engage your customers with videos, images, and texts, not just preach sales pitches to them.

To boost engagement To increase engagement rates, consider becoming a storyteller of telling’micro-stories’ in your captions and photos, videos on Instagram and even your profile.

People are looking for connection today and storytelling is one method to make this happen. When viewers feel a strong emotional connection with your story, they’re more likely to invest into the content and be more likely to share it with others.

For inspiration, you can follow innovative Instagram storytellers, such as Airbnb, Red Bull, Lego, Patagonia, and Nike. Check out these stories to inspire your creative juices.

One way to include elements of storytelling in the Instagram marketing strategy sharing content created by users that connects to your company’s brand. Another option is to concentrate upon telling the story using your captions.

Longer captions that incorporate elements of authenticity and storytelling are particularly effective as they allow brands to seem more real and establish more intimate connections with their customers. When done right, the captions are voluminous. can also stop people from scrolling from their tracks and boost the amount of time they’ll spend reading your posts.

Long captions are now something of a fashion initially embraced by influencers using Instagram captions as micro-blogs.

As per Instagram influential user Christina Galbato, who has worked with brands such as Revolve and Olay, the Four Seasons and Olay, “micro-blogging captions are awesome because they’re extremely engaging, aid in the algorithm and can encourage shares and saves”.

Alongside being a fashion that is gaining momentum, long captions are part of a wider trend towards authenticity, and provide more credibility to an online platform that has been criticized for being superficial.

Brands are slowly catching up with this trend.

Consider Patagonia as an illustration. Patagonia is a sustainable brand of outerwear. masterful at telling stories, and its website is brimming with information about the environment as well as outdoor sports and nature.

In this case, Patagonia opted for an interesting caption that focuses on the importance of protecting indigenous land in Canada.

Airbnb is another great example of storytelling. Airbnb makes use of Stories to highlight fascinating hosts, experiences, and places.

The key lesson? Don’t just share product images and sales messages. Provide information that matches what your target audience is interested in or assist them with their concerns. Make sure you are embracing different formats for content like tales, IGTV, videos, captions and images.

  1. Develop a solid brand.

Clarity as well as creativity and consistency are essential for companies looking to increase brand recognition on Instagram. A chaotic, unorganized method isn’t going to work.

Focus on the most important areas like how to present your profile, developing designs that help keep your pictures looking fresh and mastering hashtag usage. It is also important to interact regularly with your followers in order to create a sense of engagement and loyalty.

By mapping your process and best practices for Instagram, you’ll be able to create a consistent and positive image to the people you want to reach.

  1. Keep a visually consistent Instagram feed with a consistent visual.

Instagram is a visual platform that rewards visually appealing content. Although glossy perfection is slipping out of fashion The core of Instagram are visuals, and it will never be a thing.

Today, the majority of users are drawn to authenticity and diverse perspectives.

The visuals, such as high saturation filters as well as perfectly-placed toasts of avocados are replaced by candid shots, muted earthy tones, as well as the low-key editing style.

An increasingly popular trend is to cut down on highlights and boost the brightness of images without affecting the color itself to much, creating an unnatural look. Many people opt to an “no-edit editing”.

More important than following any particular editing style is having an uniform and visually pleasing feed.

According to an WebDam social media study sixty percent of top-performing companies on Instagram have the same look every time they upload.

Your style should reflect your brand’s image and be appealing to the people you’re trying attract.

Consider for instance the Five Minute Journal as an illustration. Their feed inspires a sense of contemplation and calm–just as their brand

Glossier The Glossier, on contrary, remains constant and authentic when it comes to posting images of products, closeups and memes that are honest and authentic. In the absence of fancy editing or professional photography, their content is real and accessible.

To create a consistent style (whether you’re seeking the polished look, or even the no-edit edit) making use of applications for editing your photos such as VSCO Cam or Adobe Lightroom is key. Older camera applications such as Huji Cam that deliberately add dust and grain to your photos , can provide you with a stunning style, especially popular among Gen Z.

  1. Pick the best hashtags.

Finding the most effective hashtags to use for Instagram post could be the difference between appearing as a top post , or falling to the bottom of the feed with not any trace.

Don’t use hashtags that are too general such as #christmas or #fashion, and your content will be subject to opposition from millions of other hashtags. Instead, make use of a mixture of relevant and popular hashtags to determine the most effective hashtag that will connect you with your followers who are specifically targeted.

To get the most effective outcomes, you must research every hashtag. Examine the kind of content it uses as well as the amount of comments on the top-performing posts. If your content is in line with the hashtag with the hashtag, you’ve got an effective hashtag.

The amount of hashtags that you use is equally important. Although Instagram allows up to 30hashtags, tag tags, a large number of them under your caption can appear ineffective and unprofessional. According to some studies, posts that have more than 11 hashtags receive the most engagement. Just one hashtag can boost the engagement of your post by up to 12.6 percent.

To figure out the best number for your company determine the number of hashtags your competition and industry influencers usually use. Then, test different hashtags for your blog posts till you discover the perfect balance.

Be aware the algorithm of Instagram penalizes “spammy” behaviour So, you should vary the amount and kind of hashtags you employ to decrease the chance of this occurring.

Also, ensure that the hashtags you pick aren’t just what they appear to be. Certain brands have been in embarrassing situations after having mistakenly chosen hashtags that belong to specific groups and cultures.

A brand-name hashtag is often an essential element of an effective Instagram advertising strategy.

The best place to start is to have a general hashtag. It should be concise and memorable, as well as include your company’s name in some format. Consider #FrankEffect from Frank Body as well as #ColourPopMe, from Colour Pop Cosmetics.

The advantages of a brand-name hashtag is to make your content more searchable it will also drive traffic to your website and help build a more unified crowd around the brand. It can also help to organize your content, making it easier to locate and easily trackable.

Include this hashtag inside your bio to make it accessible to anyone who visits your profile.

No one tells you that you need to have only one hashtag. You can also develop hashtags to promote a particular event or contest, show off the brand’s advocates, or promote user-generated content.

Consider the brand of athleisure Athleta for an illustration. Athleta chose to use the hashtag #PowerofShe that is in line with its goal of empowering women.

Another instance is the furniture retailer West Elm and its hashtag #mywestelm. The hashtag promotes content created by users and promises that it will share most popular images.

  1. Concentrate on content created by users.

Content created by users posted on Instagram is the most sought-after feature for marketers. It’s an opportunity for users to be more engaged with the brand, while also cost-saving for marketers since the content is developed and endorsed by your followers.

It’s a strategy that has yielded results for the most successful user-generated content campaigns. For example, Starbucks’ #RedCupContest is an excellent example of how to turn users into brand advocates.

The campaign is launched every year in December. campaign encourages people to post innovative pictures of Starbucks the famed red Christmas cups. The hashtag has received 37,000 submissions up to date, which means it’s likely to have been a huge success.

Any industry could profit from user-generated content. Take a look at Santander and their “Prosperity” campaign.

The campaign was able to tap into the emotion and humor of daily life through the solicitation of small clips created by users from their followers and collated into a video about the meaning of prosperity for its customers.

It was warm and powerful campaign which was able to boost the profile of the brand.

  1. Explore the entire assortment of Instagram video formats.

A photo can have the power of a thousand words but a video has 1.8 million.

Although Shakespeare fans might be adamantly opposed with the stats but there is no doubt about the value and appeal of video content on the internet. Instagram acknowledges this and offers an array of videos for marketers to use.

In addition, from Instagram Stories that can mash together stills and videos into one ad, or standalone videos of 60 seconds that are ideal for features that are long-form, make sure to make use of all the advantages of every format.

For example, you could consider Instagram stories live video for an interview or major announcement regarding new products or services or use prerecorded ads to share real-life, behind-the-scenes content to your followers in order to boost Instagram engagement.

Instagram Reels have become the shining highlight in Instagram today. If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s the guide you need to follow.

Also, don’t overlook IGTV. While some experts have declared the channel to be dead, that may be preposterous.

At first, Instagram intended IGTV to be a platform for creating original, long-form video content. The adoption of IGTV has not been easy, with 72 percent of brands reporting that they have no plans to develop IGTV content in the year 2019.

But, it also offers an opportunity for smart marketers. They’ll be working on an innovative mobile-friendly layout, which is ideal for content that is evergreen, such as interviews and featurettes.

Consider Imperial College as an example. The London-based institution makes use of IGTV to draw new students by offering relatable content, like an answer to the most popular question of all: “how much do students spend on coffee?”

  1. Utilize Instagram’s subtitles for videos as well as closed captions.

According to Instagram 60% of posts are watched with sound turned on… this means that 40% of users view without sound.

As video is increasingly dominating the internet and audio is now an inferior cousin, with a large percentage of users choosing to not play sound when watching the video. This is why subtitles have become crucial for marketers, as they allow the most important messages to be displayed on screen along with images.

Research conducted by Facebook (Instagram’s parent firm) indicates captioning videos can increase average times for watching videos by 12 percent. Effectiveness of messages is also improved by a significant amount, boasting the success rate of 82 percent compared to just 18% when sound is turned off and no captions. Another study showed that 80% of respondents thought captions would make people more likely to see the whole video.

You can auto-caption a video on Facebook that is saved and then then post on Instagram (though make sure to review the captions for any mistakes) or alternatively, make your own captioning file. To find out more about how to add closed captionsto your Instagram posts, click here.

Although no one is denying the impact of captions on attention however, they’re not among Instagram’s best methods for storytelling.

The majority of shows are watching with sound on. Once a person allows sound, it’s there until they turn it off. This makes it essential to continue investing in a high-quality audio experience.

  1. You can activate Instagram Reels.

In the realm of video content, have you tapped into the potential of Instagram Reels already? The feature for video is available since last year and is now hugely loved on Instagram. It’s a replica of TikTok’s entertaining videos that allows your company to interact with your followers in clips of as short as 30 seconds.

The application lets you experiment using creative tools and add effects and music so that your video will become a complete star on Instagram.

Make yourself innovative and make use of your Instagram real-life photos to demonstrate the authenticity of your brand. For instance, you could let the curtains open and reveal what goes on inside the background in a fun manner. Here’s a few examples from Sephora:

From quick tutorials to an introduction to your team, or teaser videos of your products on Instagram Reels are a fantastic platform to showcase your company’s image. Here’s a great example from GoPro of how you can make use of this feature to publish captivating user-generated content.

In the last few days, Instagram also started Reel Ads which means you are able to invest in engaging with your customers. If you’re interested in learning more information about Instagram Reels take a look at this beginners guide to help you get started.

  1. Embrace Instagram AR filters.

Instagram allowed the creation of AR filters to the general public through the launch of its Spark AR Studio. Since that time, AR has taken the app to the top of the list with some of the most popular filters receiving well over one billion views.

While they’re still very popular with younger people, there is an increasing market for AR filters and several brands are choosing to produce their own.

Look at NARS cosmetics, who created various filters that let users to simulate their lipstick colors. Instagram AR filters have been evolving recently beyond effects that are applied onto your appearance. Today, the most well-known AR filters focus on adding color and enhancement to your video. In the same way that you’d apply filters to a photograph it is now possible to include to your video an AR filter in order to enhance your videos look more attractive.

As a brand, consider making AR animations that let your customers to explore your products or recreate your style.

  1. Make use of Instagram’s video advertising formats.

With 75 percent of Instagrammers saying that they’ve taken actions “like browsing websites, visiting for friends, or sharing a post” when they are influenced by posts, knowing the various advertising formats is vital. While traditional photo ads are an essential feature for the social media platform Instagram formatted videos have become an increasingly effective method of attracting a targeted group of users.

Instagram provides a variety of essential video formats that can be used to create Instagram advertisements: single video ads let you create commercials that last up to 60 seconds Carousels offer more space by allowing users to swipe to reveal additional images or videos. Instagram Stories offer a vertical full-screen format in which videos and photos can be joined to create visually stunning advertisements.

For more specific details about how you can promote your company through Instagram by using videos, follow this step-by-step guide for getting going.

  1. Give GIFs an opportunity.

Based on research that shows that viewers watch the final minute of videos with a duration of 15 minutes or less, knowing how to make and how to share GIFs GIF should be a requirement to marketing teams.

The 30th anniversary of the format is celebrated in 2017 GIF format is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2017. GIF format has become more attractive than images as GIFs are used to share more frequently then the JPEG and PNG formats. Additionally, they are more efficient in terms of cost and time than creating videos.

It’s also the source of the GIF that has influenced Instagram to develop its own version of the GIF called the Boomerang, which captures a quick sequence of stills prior to combining with loops that loop them forward and backwards before uploading them to Instagram.

With over one billion gifs in existence at present, these videos are a gif that will keep in Giffing.

Timberland has had great engagement rates thanks to its unique Boomerangs.

  1. Utilize Instagram traffic to boost web traffic.

The traffic on Instagram can boost the number of visits to your website thanks to the use of the platform that allows for single clickable link within your bio.

Maximize the value of your URL by providing special offers and promotions that draw attention to your link and encourage users to click through. It is also important to combine powerful calls to action and your URL’s overlay of text on photos or video.

In the Instagram Stories, users can add links with an “Swipe up” CTA if you have more than 10k followers.

Remember that all of Instagram’s advertising formats have a call-to-action button that users are able to click to bring them to your site.

If you’ve partnered with influential people, collaborate together to promote your URL on their own content.

To ensure that you have access to relevant traffic statistics, you should use analytics software to gather information about the type of Instagram content drives traffic to your site to allow you to focus your efforts further.

  1. Make use of SEO to win Instagram.

Instagram SEO and Instagram might not be the most obvious of companions However, implementing the right SEO strategies on the account you have created on Instagram account is crucial in the ever-strengthening competition on Instagram.

Two areas that influence SEO include your account handle and the account name. The first is your ‘@’ address you sign up with, and must be clear about the field where your business is located. Make it brief short and memorable.

Your account’s name is next It’s displayed under your profile picture. This will reflect your account handle as well as your industry. When users browse Instagram with emojis or words that’s your account’s name that Instagram will verify searches against.

Include your industry or phrase that is related to your business into the Name field to make the most benefit from this feature. It is important to think of the words that users might use to search for information on Instagram.

The keywords that appear in the name field on sans.beast’s profile ensure that their profile is easily found by anyone looking for vegan handbags and wallets. | Source: Instagram/@sans.beast

For advice for how to build as well as optimize your SEO-friendly handle as well as names that can boost Instagram engagement, check out our full guide here.

The connection between social and SEO is a two-way street. While you’re trying to make your profile more appealing to users who are searching on your page However, you need to think about how Social signals (such as shares, likes and comments) could play a part in the SEO rankings of your site.

Although Google does not officially acknowledge the existence of social signals as a component in their algorithm for ranking, research studies have revealed a significant connection between social interaction as well as Google rankings.

  1. Join forces with micro-influencers to develop brand authenticity.

Influencer marketing on Instagram has grown increasingly important, allowing brands to collaborate with experts in their field and promote their brand’s message to a larger market.

Because they are considered to be independent Affiliating your brand to their voice of authority can bring authenticity to your messages.

Finding the right influencer can be a challenge. Marketers are often lured by the glamour of working with a famous person instead of looking at what an influencer actually can offer on the scene.

It’s crucial that marketers comprehend the meaning that an influencer is and devise an influencer strategy that includes the opportunity to run a trial campaign for a brief time to determine how responsive the network of followers that an influencer has is to your business.

We’ve all heard about the negative reaction Pepsi was faced with when it tried to connect with social movements, such as Black Lives Matter, with their campaign that featured Kendall Jenner. While the influence of a celeb like Jenner is vast however, she was not the ideal influencer to lead the campaign, which was thought to be unauthentic and was co-opting BLM’s movement. BLM revolution.

Today’s consumers are becoming more at a loss for traditional advertising They are acutely aware of social issues and are able to fine tune their filtering systems for BS. This makes authenticity an essential need for companies.

Instead of spending money on brand names that are popular, working with micro-influencers could be your chance to build authentic brands.

Micro-influencers generally cost less and have a deeper relationship with their followers and are perceived as more authentic. In fact, micro-influencers typically are more engaged, with engagement rates ranging from 2 to 3 percent, as opposed to the average of 1.7 percent of macro-influencers.

Sand Cloud is a perfect illustration of how micro-influencers could be used to create an authentic branding. The company that makes beach towels employs micro-influencers as well as regular customers as brand ambassadors, and sources almost all of the content on its website from its fans. The strategy has been successful and the brand has accumulated has 775k Instagram followers and has racked up over 20 million dollars in sales to the present.

Be sure to ensure that your influencer gets the proper tools, resources, and support they need to perform their duties efficiently and effectively. They should also be working hand-in-hand the campaign as true collaborators.

For more information about how you can utilize micro-influencers in the creation of an authentic and credible brand click here.

  1. Host an Instagram contest on Instagram.

Contests can be a very effective way to engage users on Instagram and can generate more engagement than regular posts.

One of the most popular types of contests among users on Instagram is the one that is a giveaway. It involves offering an item or service and the participants participate via following the account on Facebook, liking your post, and then tagging their friends in the post. If the contest is conducted correctly, it can be an effective strategy to increase engagement and increase brand awareness.

How to organize an Instagram contest is a matter of preparation, form-partnership with a brand in order to expand the reach of the contest, and determining contest rules and objectives, for example “enter to win, “Like to Win” or “follow to win” for the creation of an captivating contest post.

When you are ready to launch you can plan your contest’s promotional strategy and advertising strategies. This includes Instagram ads, consider emails, banners on websites and social network plugs and many more.

Monitoring your contest after it’s up and running is essential. Utilize hashtags and Google Alerts, and social media management platforms to keep track of your contest’s success. After the contest is over, you can promote your results on social media channels.

  1. Convert Instagram followers into email subscribers.

Email remains the primary method for building deep customer relationships.

That’s why marketers are determined to turn Instagram followers to email subscribers by following three steps that have been proven to produce efficient Instagram marketing strategies for email.

Create an incentive that is clickable on your Instagram posts, based on your intended audience. Consider, for instance, offering an incentive such as a prize or free content, or a deal.

Then, when the user clicks through, make sure the landing page contains an effective call-to-action that’s linked to an email-submission form.

Third, you should create an email list that will effectively engage the new subscribers to your email list so you can establish deeper connections with them.

  1. Embrace Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories have grown to become the most-loved feature on the platform , with 500 million people per day using the feature. There’s even speculation that stories will soon become the primary feature of Instagram and even replacing its main feed.

Stories allow you to share images and videos in one post which disappears within 24 hours. But the benefits of Stories can extend the reach and engagement rate increasing your odds of being featured within the Explore area, and helping you get new followers.

The use of stories can make your brand appear more genuine and accessible, and can create a sense urgency that draws users back for more.

Live stories are perfect for attracting people because they’re in the present and prerecorded ones are ideal for providing in-depth coverage of your offerings or one-time promotions or sharing stories.

The best stories make use of the “FOMO” effect that stories generate by offering sneak peeks or using interactive elements, and clever storytelling to keep readers on their toes.

Keep in mind that 60 percent of Instagram stories are viewed by using sound Don’t forget to ensure a high-quality audio experience for your viewers.

Airbnb is an expert in making the most out of Instagram stories. | Source: Instagram/Airbnb

For more examples of how you can make use of Instagram Stories for marketing, look here for ideas and inspiration.

  1. Include a link to Instagram Stories.

The feature was previously only available to authentic Instagram users, now you can add an “See more” link to your story when you have an account for business and have 10,000 or more followers.

To open links within Instagram Stories, just swipe to the right to the right from below.

To add a linkto your Instagram account, you’ll have to upload your image or video onto Instagram just like before. Then, tap the link icon that appears at right at the very top. Enter the URL after which you can preview it to ensure everything is working then click ‘Done’. Make sure to include an CTA to your post to let the reader understand what they’re picking to buy.

It may seem like an obvious choice however, it’s an important option to drive even more Instagram visitors to your site.

  1. Use emojis effectively.

The effect of images on words is evident in emojis, particularly on Instagram. With a variety of emojis to choose from (and increasing) it’s crucial to develop a plan on how to utilize emojis in a way that will reflect your brand’s personality without looking too casual.

When used properly, emojis can assist in adding humor and character into your business and to create a deeper emotional connection with your target audience. In actual fact, Millenials and Gen Z are so used to emojis they perceive messages without them as being more “cold”.

Consider first if your company’s brand could benefit from using emoticons at all. For example, if you provide something like an aid program for financial needs Are they appropriate?

In the second, ensure that you are aware of their significance to ensure that the use is appropriate and determine which ones should be used and when to increase Instagram engagement.

Remember that emojis can be cut both ways, which reflect what your readers think of your blog posts. Therefore, you should monitor comments for emojis that you can use as indicators of sentiment.

  1. Advertise your Instagram channel via other social networks.

Make sure to spread the word about your Instagram account as wide as you can. For example, you can promote the existence of your Instagram profile on Facebook by posting an announcement on Facebook with clickable links that will take you to the Instagram page.

Additionally, you can use the auto-post feature and cross-promotional features of Instagram. Cross-promotional tools let users to instantly post on Instagram and post it to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many others and bring followers together all of your social networks.

Be careful not to promote all of your Instagram posts on other social media channels, or you could end up “cannibalizing” your content and making it impossible for your users to visit your Instagram channel initially.

  1. Add CTAs All over the place.

People who follow you may love your Instagram advertisements, but make sure that the love is a positive thing with a strong Instagram calling to action.

While CTAs are able to be integrated in your profile, photos or caption copy The most effective method to boost interaction and drive followers in the right direction is to use Instagram’s official CTA buttons which Instagram provides to companies.

They are displayed below the post and are great to provide short, powerful CTAs like “Learn More or ‘Call Now’ to grab your readers’ attention. For the top Instagram call-to-action examples and ways to make them, visit this page.

  1. Learn from your top-performing Instagram content.

Find out the “formula” of content that increases your Instagram engagement rate, and use it to refine the effectiveness of your Instagram strategies for marketing. There are many methods to achieve this, whether through the identification of which hashtags are most successful or visual styles, or by knowing when the most effective times to publish.

By monitoring your social media it is possible to develop the best methods for your brand. Additionally, you should consider using the use of a social media management system such as Falcon. Analytics and social listening can help you improve your marketing strategy and boost Instagram engagement.

Our final bonus tip?

Make sure you realize that your Instagram journey will never be ever over.

Although it may sound intimidating Your Instagram profile is as a business – an entity that is continuously evolving and growing while forging ever-deeper connections between its fans.

If you follow these 23 suggestions to follow these 23 tips for Instagram the best practices in 2021, you can increase you Instagram channels potential. Whatever the Instagram platform develops you can boost Instagram user engagement, and also keep the shares, likes and comments flowing.

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