Facts and Figures Instagram Statistics for 2022

Facts and Figures Instagram Statistics for 2022 post thumbnail image

Here’s the list. The complete list of Instagram stats you need to know about in 2022.

With the introduction of new choices for shopping and Reels to Instagram it’s been a huge year in the world of Instagram. It has definitely established its status in the top social media platforms.

We’ve searched the web and collated all the information we could find into one comprehensive record with a wealth of sources.

From global news sources like The Digital Report, to more localized Australian sources like The Yellow Report, we regularly keep this page updated with the most recent news that we have found.

Here’s all the interesting information about Instagram and statistics that you didn’t even know you should be aware of.

General Instagram Stats

»The first image ever uploaded on Instagram consisted of an animal at an eatery, snapped by Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom.

»Instagram boasts more than one billion users who use the app each month.

»It is the second-most downloaded free application on the Apple store is Instagram.

»Instagram users spend nearly all of their time using the platform than Facebook users. They surf on average 53 minutes per day , compared to the 58-minute average of Facebook users.

»Instagram is utilized by 25 percent of mobile users.

»#Love is the most frequently used hashtag used on Instagram. This hashtag is used over 1.7 billion times

»Instagram is 9th in the most searched Google search.

»Over 40 Billion images were shared via the app.

»71.9 percent of the posts on Instagram are pictures.

»14.2 percent of Instagram’s posts Instagram are video posts.

»13.9 percent of Instagram posts Instagram contain carousels.

»Instagram hides the likes of seven states: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand.

»62 percent of users log in to their accounts at least once each day.

»The majority of people access their accounts multiple times each day.

»It is pressed 4.2 billion times a day.

»More than 50 percent of Instagram accounts utilize Explore to find new content and accounts to follow.

»A majority of Instagram users find new services and products on the platform.

»200 million users visit at least one company profile every day.

»Each month more than 130 million Insta users visit shopping posts.

»More than one million people are watching live video every single day.

»Carousels have more natural interactions than images or video on Instagram.

»”The “perfect caption” is composed of just 10 or 20 words, and 20 Emojis.

»23 Emojis in video posts boost the engagement rate by 4.95 percent

»24 Emojis are suggested for carousels to get the most performance.

»20 Emojis are suggested for images for the best performance.

»More people like videos posted by brands than on images.

»Questions are included in 45.7 percent in Instagram posts, however this isn’t correlated with an increase in engagement.

»On average, Instagram users use the platform most during the afternoon, especially between the hours between 1:00 and 5:00 pm.

»The most watched online video material is “How-to” videos and tutorials.

»Posts with Geo-location get nearly 80percent more attention than posts which do not.

Australian Specific Statistics

»As of 2022 Instagram will be Australia’s 2nd most used online social networking platform.

»16.2 percent of 16- to 64-year-olds believe Instagram is their preferred Social media site.

»Australian Users spend 8.3 minutes per month using Instagram.

»Instagram accounts come from 6.8 percent of link clicks that go to third-party sites via social media sites in Australia.

»82 percent of Instagrammers interviewed in Australia believe they are interested in learning about new products or brands on the platform.

»91 percent of Instagrammers in Australia interviewed say they make use of Instagram to track their interest

»89% of respondents said they’d taken action at the first moment they came across a service or product on Instagram by being a follower, going to their website or making an purchase on the internet.

»The fastest-growing platform to create brand loyalty, Australians are sharing 1 million Instagram Stories per day.

Instagram User Demographics

»According to Statista More than half of the world’s Instagram users are younger than 34.

»About two-thirds of Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 29.

»Between 18 and 34 years old, they have the highest activity group.

»In 2020, it is predicted that Instagram will witness an increase of 5.4 percent increase in American users, and will reach 112.5M in 2021, and 117.2M by 2021.

»88 percent of Instagram users are located in other countries than America.

»As of November 2019 the number of users was 9,442 Instagram members in Australia. This represents 37.2 percent of the total population.

»The majority of Instagram users in Australia are women Females comprise 57.1 percent.

»3100,000 Australian users are between the ages of 25 and 34.

Instagram Demographics (US)

»43 percent of women are using Instagram

»31 percent of males use Instagram

»Percentage of users using Instagram

  • 13 – 17 (72%)
  • 18 – 29 (67%)
  • 30 – 49 (47%)
  • 50 – 64 (23%)
  • 65+ (8%)

»Users’ locations on Instagram

  • Urban – 46%
  • Suburban – 35%
  • Rural 21 percent

Countries with the highest percentage of Instagram users as of January 2021

  1. India 140 million
  2. USA – 140 million
  3. Brazil – 99 million
  4. Indonesia 85 million
  5. Russia 56 million
  6. Turkey 46 million
  7. Japan 38 million
  8. Mexico – 32 million
  9. UK 31 million
  10. Germany 26 million people in Germany

Countries with the highest percentage of Instagram users in relation to the population in January 2021.

  1. Kazakhstan – 78.7%
  2. Brunei – 70.5%
  3. Turkey — 68.4 percent
  4. Iceland Iceland 66.5 percent
  5. Sweden – 66.5%
  6. Kuwait – 65.7%
  7. Cyprus 64.5% – 64.5 percent
  8. Cayman Islands – 64.3%
  9. Malta – 62.1%

Stats for Instagram Stories

»Instagram stories have 500 million daily users.

»62% of Instagram users believe they are more engaged with a brand when they see it on the form of an Instagram Story.

»This heart-shaped sticker has become among the most commonly used Giphy in the world of Stories.

Instagram Reels Stats

As reported via Marketing Brew from the email exchange with Team Whistle:

»87 percent of Gen Z TikTok users who have tried Instagram Reels are in agreement with the assertion “Instagram Reels is basically the identical to TikTok.”

»The majority of people (daily and weekly) who have tried Instagram Reels do not think that TikTok is inherently unique.

»61 percent of Gen Z TikTok users said they’d like spending more time using Instagram as TikTok’s replacement.

Instagram Advertising Stats

»It’s predicted that Instagram will be responsible for close to 30% of Facebook’s advertising revenues in 2020.

»Comparatively to Facebook advertising, the amount of money spent in the Instagram platform Instagram can be 23% greater in accordance with an analysis conducted internally.

»Every month, there are two million users on Instagram.

»The advertising reach estimated on behalf of Instagram members has been 1.22 billion. In the October-December quarter of 2020, reach increased by 5.4 percent (63 million)

»Instagram is able to reach 20% of the population of the world 13 or over.

»50.8 percent of Instagram’s advertising viewers are females, and 49.2 percent are men.

»Influencers are paid anywhere from $100 to $2,085 for each post from brands.

»Instagram will bring in 12.32 billion dollars in advertising revenue in 2020.

»The cost per click (CPC) is $2.40 per country.

»The engagement rate is the average for Contest post (CP) as compared to non-contest posting (NCP)

  • »Image CP 3.58 per cent – NCP 2.40 percent
  • »Carousel CP 3.29 percent – NCP 2.54%
  • »Video CP :  21.98 – – NCP 2.04 percent

»The average engagement rate for Giveaway post (GP) as compared to not giving away a post (NGP)

  • »Images: GP 3.25% – NGP 2.40%
  • »Carousel GP 3.58 percent – NGP 2.53%
  • »Video GP 2.34 – 2.34 — NGP 2.09 percent

»1 out of 4 Instagram advertisements feature video.

Instagram Ad Stats on Audience

Below is the Instagram’s percentage of ads’ audience by gender and age.

»13-17 years old

  • »Female Female – 3.7%
  • »Male – 3.6%

»Ages 18-24 years old

  • »Female – 14.5%
  • »Male – 15.3%

»Between 25 and 34 years old

  • »Female – 16.1%
  • »Male – 16.9%

»Between 35 and 44 years old

  • »Female 8.9%
  • »Male 7.1%

»Age range 45 to 54

  • »Female – 4.7%
  • »Male – 3.4%

»Between 55 and 64 years old

  • »Female – 2.3%
  • »Male – 1.5%

»65 plus years

  • »Female – 1.2%
  • »Male – 0.9%

The Instagram Benchmarks for Business Engagement

»The typical business account shows an +1.68 percent monthly growth in the number of followers

»The typical business account will post every day once in the main feed.

»64.9 percent of all main feed posts are images

»17.3 percent of all main feeds are carousels.

»17.8 percent of all major feed posts are video

»An average account for business publishes 13.1 stories every month.

»0.85 percent is the average participation rate across all kinds of posts.

»0.88 percent is the average engagement rate for photos.

»1.05 percent is the typical engagement rate for carousel post

»0.55 percent is the standard percentage of engagement for different kinds of video content

»Accounts for business that have less than 10,000 users are the most effective:

  • »Accounts that have less than 10k followers have an average involvement rate of 1.29 percent.
  • »Accounts with between 10k to 100k followers have an average interaction rate of 1.00 percent
  • »Accounts with over 100k followers have an average interaction rate of 0.73 percent.

»0.0.6 percent is the average number of comments per follower ratio for videos.

»0.08 percent is the mean ratio of comments to followers for photos.

At a median 1.60 percent engagement rate the top brands with most engagement include higher education with 3.96 percent, non-profits with 2.40 percent, and sports teams with 2.40 percent.

Instagram Brand Stats

»90percent of Instagram accounts are following at least one company on Instagram

»A substantial 67% of marketers are planning to increase their Instagram organic activity in the coming 12 months.

»On average, brands post 2.5 stories per week.

»60percent of companies utilize an interactive element every week. This includes polling stickers, mentionsof their brand, music and more.

»Brand stories are completed at 85% rate.

»Based on a survey 78% of people say they consider companies on Instagram as being popular and creative, 77% as awe-inspiring and 76% as engaging and 72% more committed to creating a communities.

»92% of users believe in UGC better than conventional advertisements.

»81% of people say UGC has affected their decision to buy.

»Instagram is a platform where brands on Instagram post on average 11-20 times per month.

»90% of brand’ comments that are posted within 19 days.

»98% of fashion companies use Instagram.

»A majority of the companies on Instagram have created at least one story.

»Brands that are on Instagram receive around 10 times more engagement than Facebook.

»Brands could see 23 percent lesser engagement Facebook for the same photo.

»According to surveys of marketing professionals, 89% of them said they believed that Instagram was the most significant social media channel used by influencers for marketing.

»79% of companies employ Instagram to promote influencers as compared to:

  • »Facebook 46% of users are on Facebook.
  • »Youtube 36% of the users on YouTube
  • »Twitter 24% of Twitter users
  • »LinkedIn 12 percent

The Instagram accounts with the highest amount of followers

»Instagram – 383,220,000

»Christiano Ronaldo – 252,240,000

»Ariana Grande – 214,920,000

»Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – The Rock – 210,470,000

»Kylie Jenner – 208,250,000

»Selena Gomez – 201,670,000

»Kim Kardashian West – 198,280,000

»Lionel Messi – 175,800,000

»Beyonce – 160,030,000

»Justin Beiber – 157,000,000

Interactions on Instagram in Different Industries

»Fashion 31.9 percent

»E-commerce 15.8%

»Beauty 13.7 percent

»Auto 10.3 percent

»Retail 9.1 percent

»Electronics 4.6 percent

»Services 2.1 Percent

»Sporting goods 2.1%

»Other 10.5 percent

Statistics on Hashtags

»Brands should use fewer hashtags when they post videos, generally between 3 and 9.

»One of three Instagram posts that had the hashtag #ad was story posts.

Most Used Hashtags

»#Love 2 billion

»#InstaGood” – 1.2 billion

»#Fashion 908 million

»#PhotoOfTheDay 879 million

»#Art 746 million

»#Beautiful – 714 million

»#Photography 693 million

»#PicOfTheDay 623 million

»#Follow 617 million

»#Happy 615 million

Influencers with the highest Effectiveness Scores

Socialbakers assess their influencer score through their efficiency based on the number of interactions per 1,000 followers, their authenticity, as well as the intensity of their passions.

  • @amiah lynn
  • @iblancaj
  • @sadiealdis
  • @melanie_locke
  • @carolinemanning
  • @aaashleyk

Most Engaging Instagram Stories

Netflix carousel featuring actors from different Netflix shows, sleeping on the set.

Maybelline’s Brazil account, which partnered with the influencer @marimaria to help in promotional purposes for their line of products.

Watch Netflix’s Season 3 trailer for 13 Reasons Why.

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